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Local Agenda Committee - Bits & Pieces

The Honolulu Citizens' Committee on Ethics in Government, named by the League Board of Directors last fall, has moved into high gear in its well-planned program for securing new ethical regulation of our city-county officials.

In case Leaguers have somehow missed the extensive and conspicuous press reporting, the Committee is currently holding sessions to discuss the draft of a proposed Code of Ethics written by their legislative subcommittee and approved by their executive committee. Their schedule calls for first presentation of a new Code of Ethics to the City Council on April 19th.

Five League representatives are continuing to act as the secretariat for the Citizens' Committee: Nancy Dykes, Lela Brewer, Jane Hewitt, Evelyn Oishi, Mary George.


Leaguers who were around in June of 1964 may remember the flurry of attention caused by our letter urging the removal of George Centeio from the Planning Commission. Addressed to the Mayor, the letter was signed by Nancy Dykes as President and Anne Miller as Local Agenda Committee. Committee Chairman. On February 24, 1966 (one year, eight months, 24 days later), Mr. Centeio resigned from the Planning Commission.


Speaking of Anne Miller- recent word from her indicates that she is back in Malibu, plans to return to school, and is still attentive to local planning problems.

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