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The President Speaks

Promoting informed citizen participation is what we're in business for, as every well-indoctrinated Leaguer knows, but sometimes it gets hard to take when you 'promote' your own members out of office!

Betty Watanabe and Betty Myers have both accepted offices in partisan precinct organizations, and the League has therefore with regret accepted their resignations from sensitive League positions. We wish them both well in their new activities, and hope they will continue League activity and membership with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

Replacements for Mrs. Watanabe, who was our able Public Relations Chairman, and for Mrs. Myers, former Kailua Evening Unit Chairman, have not yet been announced.

Anything pertaining to the Kailua Evening Unit may be referred to Sandy Larson (245-295) until a permanent Unit Chairman is announced.

Public Relations activities will be conducted by the cognizant chairman until the Board position is filled. Meanwhile, it will be appreciated if members will save clippings referring to the League.


We have a new Unit Coordinator.

Nancy 'Fire Horse' Dykes agreed to accept the Board portfolio just eight days after retiring from the presidency to enjoy a well-merited rest. Her appointment was confirmed by telephone agreement of the Board on April 10.

The first meeting of the new officers and board was held on April 9th at the home of the President, Mary George.

Delegates to the State Convention were named (see Page 7), and Mary George was officially selected as the Honolulu League's delegate to the National. Convention VD be held May 2nd to 6th in Denver, Colorado.

The Board added to its membership by position, with the newly-created portfolio of Observer Chairman as her responsibility. (Editor's note: Gladys Gabert has been appointed our new Observer on the Honolulu Redevelopment Agency.)

Subsequent Board meetings have been tentatively scheduled for the first Tuesday morning of each month, so members with specific items of business which they wish to be brought before the Board should keep this date in mind. The next meeting will be on May 3rd, 9:00 a.m., at Jane Hewitt's home - 5315 Oio Drive in Aina Haina.

Mary George

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