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May Units - Second Round

While the second round of Units in May will be on Voters Service - what it is and what it does - there will also be a short orientation on the non-partisan policy of the League.

Defining non-partisanship in some areas is easy - in some other areas it isn't black-and-white, but various shades of grey. For instance, should a Board member attend a political rally? attend a coffee to meet a candidate? address envelopes in an election campaign? serve on a commission whose work is a matter of League Program? And what about her family? to what extent do their activities in these areas affect her being a Board member? These are some of the questions that we will go into this month. It is the duty of the Board to see to it that the League remains non-partisan, but the distinction the League makes between supporting issues and supporting parties and candidates sometimes causes confusion on the part of the public. Therefore, it is very important to have it clear in our own minds.

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