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Are You Trapped?

with small babies, a cranky husband, and no car? Are you a brand new member who can't find a handle in our program? Are you a tired old cagey Leaguer who would like to do a little bit, and that's all? Join the 'Watchbirds' - be an Observer - the Eyes and Ears of the League!

Observers and Alternates needed at present are:

Public Works Comtittee - both

Planning Commission - Alternate

Zoning Board of Appeals- Alternate

Finance Committee - Alternate


Speak at a meeting she is observing.

Indulge in supercilious smiles, sneers, yawns or lifted eyebrows.

Allow themselves to be drawn into discussion, or attempt to explain or defend a League position. The answer to 'temptation' is "I do not speak for the League. I merely observe and record."

INSTEAD, OBSERVERS sit silently, look, listen, and write copious notes.

# # #

'Watchbirds' presently at work are the following:

City Council (2 p.m., Tuesdays) Bea Levine, Vera Stern, Martha Shelverton*, Nelita Cristy*

Planning Commission (2 pm alternate Tuesdays)

Zoning Board of Appeals (2 pm alternate Tuesdays)

Honolulu Redevelopment Agency Gladys Gabert

Public Works Committee (2 P.m. Fridays) - Lela Brewer

Finance Committee (2 pm, Fridays) Lucille Hodsdon*

*New Watchbirds, just beginning their duties.

Orchids to all these ladies, who are serving the League in this manner.

# # #

To join the Observer Program, call Frances McLeod at 256-139.

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