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WANTED: Someone to type and file for the State President a couple of hours a week. Good hours, no pay, excellent chance to learn what goes on at State. Call Marguerite Simson at 982-371.

JOB OPENINGS for about 30 Leaguers for election night reporting via hot-line telephone to ABC New York. Good pay - in the form of a fat check to the State League for Voters Service. For information on this exciting opportunity call Gladys Gabert at 269-753.

CANDIDATE ANALYSTS, experience not necessary. For details on how YOU can be a part of the League's ambitious voter information project, call Dorothy Babineau at 250-493 or Sue Thorndike at 700-928.

REWARD! for information leading to the conviction of prospects that League membership is a MUST for alert, informed women of our community. Send the names to Tosh Tasaka, 2808 Lowrey Avenue.

LOST: The names of the Leaguers involved in the decade-long jail project. They are to be special guests at a rather different sort of meeting planned for September, at which time we hope City officials will send the League to jail. (Before you start baking a cake with a file in it for the refreshments, call Mary George at 264-496 for information.)

URGENTLY NEEDED: Crews to man the Volkswagen. Half should be folks to drive the Volks, and half should be Deputy Registrars. Tour the beautiful island of Oahu! Meet the natives! Call Mary George at 264-496.

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