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Ethics in Government

Although the Citizens' Committee's Ethics proposal has been 'filed', they are continuing their efforts to secure the needed 16,000 signatures on the petition. As Leaguers dedicated to the same goal, we shall continue to aid and support their efforts. If your petitions are filled, get them in to be counted and then fill Some more! If any of you haven't put forth 'typical League effort', GET BUSY! We are more than halfway to the goal.

For any of you who may feel a bit discouraged, note two recent Ethics accomplishments. 1) The California State Legislature this week passed a stiff Ethics proposition that will go to the voters in November. 2) Kauai has a great Code of Ethics in its new proposed Charter that will be up for vote in August. Remember - LWV is known for getting the tough job done.

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The Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu in its meeting on July 12, 1966, passed the following resolution:

  1. To reaffirm the organization's endorsement of the proposal of the Citizens' Cemiittee on Ethics in Government for an amendment to the City Charter establishing a new Code of Ethics for the public service;

  2. To continue its support of the Committee's effort to secure a ballot position for the proposed amendment through the active solicitation of signatures to the petition now being circulated;

  3. To utilize League Voters Service and Citizen Information channels for a continuing program of public education on the subject of ethics legislation for the public service;

  4. To commend the-action of the Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu in proposing legislation to establish an Ethics Commission, and to commend the City Council for its passage of that ordinance on first reading, with the hope that both administrative and legislative officials will agree to modify the present draft so that elected officials are covered by its provisions;

  5. To continue study and research in order that as much information as possible on ethics legislation will be available to League membership, to the electorate, and to City-County officials.

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