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A Helping Hand is Badly Needed

The Hawaii County League has lost two valued members of its Board of Directors in the last month. Mrs. Jack Fisher, Voter Service Chairman, and her husband were killed in an automobile accident while vacationing on the Mainland. Mrs. Gerald Stein, President of the Hawaii County League, and her husband decided to remain in Kansas instead of returning to the University of Hawaii's Hilo campus in the fall.. The remaining Leaguers, and especially the decimated Board of Directors, need all the help and encouragement they can get from the larger thriving Honolulu League in order that they might carry out even a reduced program for the rest of the year.

The Honolulu League's Board members are giving them some help in the form of copies of their reports to the Board. These copies are being sent to their Hilo counterparts. Also, the Ethics and Planning Chairmen are helping their Hilo counterparts in gathering their information. Planning is the Hawaii County League's local study item this year.

Anyone with friends on Hawaii (particularly in the Hilo area) are being asked to urge them to join the League of Women Voters of Hawaii County, and/or send the names and addresses of these friends to the State League President, Marguerite Simson, 3238 Alani Drive, to be forwarded to the Hawaii County League.

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