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Both the House and Senate foreign policy committees have completed work on the Administration's foreign aid authorization request. (See "A New 'Point Four'?" April, 1966, National Voter and "Federal Spotlight", March, 1966, National Voter.) These bills should come to both floors in July, and League members are urged to write our Congressmen regarding them. The House Committee bill, which exceeds or equals the Administration's 1967 request in all categories and authorized development loans and the Alliance for Progress for five years with a two-year authorization for the rest of the program, deserves our support. The Senate bill, on the other hand, includes several major modifications of the Administration's request which the League opposes: a one-year, rather than multiyear, authorization; increase in interest rates of development loans from 2.5%. to 3%; limitation of development lending to 10 countries and technical assistance grants to 40 countries; a cut of $117.1 million from the request, reducing funds from both development loans and technical cooperation; the channeling of 15% of development loans to be available only through the World Bank and the International Development Association (although the League supports the use of multilateral channels, this stipulation could conceivably reduce development loans even further).

Anyone interested in working on the U.N. and/or Foreign Economic Policy Committees, please call Carol Greenspan (33-856). We're now planning for U.N. Day and Week activities, so there's plenty for you to do.

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