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President's Page

By now all of you should have received a rather long questionnaire (sorry about that) asking some pertinent and impertinent questions about the activities of the Honolulu League. I hope you'll take the time to send me your thoughtful answers

There's no secret about the purpose - your Board hopes to make an evaluation of your specific interests in the League in order that the program will reflect what you expect from us. I will hope to have a preliminary evaluation ready for publication in the October bulletin, and perhaps a more studious analysis before the end of the year.

I have lightheartedly predicted a return of close to a hundred percent, so don't let me down. Remember, It's YOUR League, and every member should have a voice in its direction.


Carol Greenspan, whose portfolio on the Board encompasses the rather awesome responsibility of Foreign Policy and United Nations, wrote laudable letters to our four members of Congress last month, and has been complimented with four of the fastest answers possible. Her letters were a carefully-studied statement of League position on foreign economic policy, and merited the detailed responses she received.

I continue to be impressed with the weight our words carry when we express a League position to our elected representatives. While Mrs. Greenspan's letters specified our official group position, I hope that each of you will remember that individual letters which reflect the serious study and evaluation expected of a League member will have a decided influence on our legislators. Your letters to Washington need not - even should not -- parrot League consensus, nor identify you as a Leaguer. But make your voice heard -- write your representatives. (As a bonus, you'll probably get on the Congressional mailing lists.)

Bette Harris is back with us after a long Mainland vacation. (For newcomers, she's the Board member responsible for the National program item on Development of Human Resources.) Watch for her picture in Ebony magazine -- the Honolulu League is currently working out a suitable background situation in which she can be photographed. (We'll probably use the Voteswagen.)


_Speaking of the Voteswagen, we need more people desperately; either drivers or registrars. We have a number of areas still to cover. Can you give ONE day between now and September first, or during the brief registration period from October 3 - 11? Call me; 264-496.


Board Secretary Evelyn Oishi, who is as close to indispensable as any League officer can be, has taken off for the Mainland. I quote from her closing remarks in the last Board minutes: "This secretary, will leave on August 7th for the land of the Embarcadero, Hills Telegraph, Russian, Nob and There's-gold-in-them-dar, Labrea Tar Pits and Donald Duck."

We look forward to a thoughtful evaluation of the intellectual highlights of this expedition on her return.


How many signatures to the Ethics Petition have YOU sent in? Members Helen Frederick, Betty Watanabe and Eureka Forbes can be credited with the largest stacks, and a dozen other Leaguers have worked on this project above and beyond the call of duty, but many members still haven't sent in their minimum five petition sheets. THE ETHICS PROJECT IS CONTINUING. CARRY A PETITION WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.


Want a glamorous job? Get in on the BIG BIG Voters Service program -- call Dorothy Babineau; 250-493.

Mary George

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