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Ethics in Government

At the State Level

NOTICE! a meeting - for all who are interested in the State Ethics Committee - to be held on Thursday, September 15, at 9:30 a.m., at Nancy Dykes' home, 235 Nenue Street (32-249). If you are interested, but cannot attend this meeting, call Nancy and let her know. All are welcome, and no special knowledge is necessary.

At the Local Level
A Success Story

As you remember, way back in 1965 as our 'Ethics Magoo' was under full steam, a committee of representative citizens was formed by the Honolulu League to aid us in our effort to improve ethical standards in government. In true Mother form, after we had given it birth, we nursed it along those many months since, in the position of the Secretariat. Lo and behold, as with all children, the Committee has now reached maturity, and now desires to be independent! (For those of you with teenagers, I understand this is the normal process.) The reorganization of the committee is now complete, and they will now operate as a fully independent organization, with the avowed purpose of continuing to work for improved ethical standards in government and the community at large. This will include a vast educational program, designed and carried out by the committee. We are pleased that Dr. Allan Saunders is the new chairman -he brings great insight and forethought to the committee. Mary George and I are members of the Committee - we loved it so much, we couldn't quit!

This Committee has dedicated itself to the community, and we can all be proud of being the instrumental force in its creation. Since their broad purpose is to promote citizen interest in government, I see our role as a cooperating agency. We share the same goals and interests.

This committee will continue to expand its membership and may at some future date become a League of Citizens!

Nancy Dykes

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