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President's Page

Especially for those interested in our Human Resources program item: Did you know that the word "ghetto" comes from a word meaning "gate"......? Think about it.


Now that it's September, and regular unit meetings are inscribed on your calendar, let me pass on an anecdote from Convention. During whatever the lady-League equivalent of a bull session would be called, the subject of fostering attendance at unit meetings came up. One delegate said that in THEIR League it wasn't a problem: they had magnificent attendance at units. Asked for the secret, she airily remarked, "It's easy -- we just pass the word that if people don't come to units, we'll TALK about them."

I hope everybody caught the good TV coverage (both 6 PM and 10 PM on KHON and KGMB) on August 24, featuring the League and the Voteswagen. Those of us who participated haven't decided yet whether to put in for our Academy awards now, or wait to see whether or not we get any competition. On the radio scene, Leaguers Marguerite Simson and Helen Frederick teamed with Bob Sato of the City Clerk's office to talk about registration and election procedures on Jimmy Walker's call-in show on station KIKI, All of this is part of a continuing effort to keep the League's public service image before the community,

Query: How-do you record this sort of thing for posterity? The time when the PR Chairman's job consisted largely in planting and clipping newspaper coverage of League activities is definitely past.


Sandy Larson's husband has been transferred to Colorado Springs, and they'll be tossing their leis over the Lurline's rail almost as soon as this copy of the Voter reaches you. The League will miss Sandy; the Board will miss her; the Red China Committee will miss her. (Psst: anybody want to volunteer for the portfolio?)


A preliminary analysis of the member questionnaires appears elsewhere in this copy of the Voter. This represents the evaluation of only 56 of our members and I am sure we can do better than that. Please fill yours out and mail it in, if you haven't already-- after all, I have to justify that twenty-dollar postage item in the budget somehow!


All of us are sorry to hear of the death of Ralph Johnson, a leader in shaping this community and a good friend of the League. A note to his widow, at 2447 Makiki Heights Drive, either as a personal expression of sympathy or as a member of the League, might be something you'd like to do.

As we go to press, we are also saddened to hear of the illness of another good friend of the League, Riley Allen.


Have any of you ever wanted to listen in on a Board meeting? By local policy, all meetings of the Honolulu Board are open to the membership, and if you'd like to watch us in frantic action, the next one will be at Esther Regula's, at 9 AM on Tuesday October 4th; 1406 Aalapapa Drive in Lanikai.

Ann Payne and Dorothy Babineau (Honolulu) and Sue Thorndike (State) are immersed to their necks in the Candidates' Questionnaire project. If they ask you for help, I hope you'll find time to give it. It's the most ambitious public service project our League has undertaken. Please kokua!

Mary George

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