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Membership Matters

Membership Matters

The Membership Committee is frequently called upon to supply names when a committee or subcommittee is in need of help. Running down the roster from A to Z, phoning people is a great chore - one that really should not be necessary. SO - will all you kind Committee Chairmen please send to Elaine Vik, our now Membership Chairman, the following information:

  1. the names of the members on your committee;

  2. how long they are needed on your committee; and

  3. during what part of the year your committee is active.

Come on, all you Committee Chairmen It will take you only a few minutes to jot down the information needed, but it will save the Membership Committee hours of headaches. Elaine's address is

Mrs. Robert Vik 1521 Ipukula Street Honolulu, 96821

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