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The President's Page

As I write this, the election returns are a question mark... When you read it, the whole campaign will be history. The League's record of voters service activity in this election year is a small part of that history, and one that I think we can all be proud of. Bear with me while I remind you of all the Honolulu League did this year as a service to voters

We registered over 5,000 voters. This with just twenty-odd official registrars. Our special thanks for help in this activity are due to Dillingham Corporation (who provided us with the booth at the State Fair where our efforts began) and to R.R. Reynolds, of Volkswagen Pacific, who donated our conspicuous "Voteswagen". Ann Payne, who did much of the planning and arranging that made our registration activity successful, was unable to continue with her committee chairmanship in the fall, but extra effort on the part of the Board and the membership made continuation of the program possible. State Library bigwig Margaret Setliff (also a Leaguer) deserves our thanks for distributing League information on candidates and issues through the library system. Maurice Sullivan, Foodland head, took our pro-cons for distribution at the chain's checkout booths, A.A. Smyser, Star-Bulletin editor, reprinted both our pro-cons, with lavish credit to the League, George Chaplin, John Griffin, and the rest of the Advertiser staff gave League activities coverage above and beyond the call of reportorial duty. Abe Poepoe, of the Press Newspapers, printed a multitude of columns of our candidate information, and bore patiently with our insistence on proofreading and word counting, (Dorothy Babineau sent all the letters and licked all the stamps and coordinated the whole candidate-questionnaire effort - she deserves our special gratitude.) Nelson Prather, of the HSPA, donated the Food Fair booth which was so efficiently run by co-chairmen Helen Talbott and Ann Machovina, Phil Broms made it possible for our candidate information for the 15th Representative District, and the 6th Senatorial District, to be run in the Manoa Valley News. Radio station KIKI (with a special nod to Curly Huebener and Jimmy Walker) touted League voters service activities with real dedication, (830 on your radio dial for real fun-and-games on current issues.) ((Plug.)) Helen Frederick was able coordinator for the Board of Education Candidates' Forum at Farrington, (Where were all of you?). Bob Loveless (now that election's over I can mention it) helped get us the no-rent deal at Farrington. Sue Thorndike was responsible for the careful research and thoughtful preparation of the pro-con leaflet on the Constitutional Convention. Jane Hewitt gets the laurels for the Council Reapportionment material. The long-suffering staff at St. Christopher's Church in Kailua deserves our undying gratitude for lending us their folder and, when ours finked out on us, their mimeograph.

And of course there are many more. To the people who typed and the people who telephoned, and the people who drove the Voteswagen (The Queens of the Road) and the registrars and the booth-staffers -- our sincere thanks.

NEXT MONTH - a report on the ABC election night coverage.


Have you heard that United. Nations Chairman, Carol Greenspan, who last month produced a thoughtful Voter article about the UN, also managed to produce another son and heir?

Elsewhere in this Voter you'll find information about this month's units on water. I'd like to make a special plea for all of you to read the material, and THINK about it. I lived for fifteen years in a country where boiling-the-water was a fact of life, and where water pollution seemed to be irreversible. We are now relatively fortunate -- we can STILL protect one of our most important resources, In other populated parts of world, this is rarely possible. Think of it in terms of Going - Going - Gone. This is an area where the League CAN be effective.

Any of you see the New Yorker? The series on Los Angeles (starting with the October 1 issue) provides some provocative reading for those interested in planning.

I hope all of you are thinking about State and Local Program Planning -- this is breathing down our necks, What would you like?

Mary George

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