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Ballad of a League Observer

Come all you League members and listen to me;

More than one pair of eyes is needed to see

Government in action in office and hall,

and Government programs, extensive and small.

What's this I hear? You don't have the time?

Your interests lie in realms more sublime?

You feel a bit shy, or just think it's wise

To view your democracy through other eyes?

Well, maybe you're right to remain in your home.

Our leaders can carry their burdens alone.

Leave husbands and fathers and friends to tote

The weight of an uninformed feminine vote.

When your children search for a proud legacy,

Just say, "I didn't know and I didn't see

We didn't care and we didn't plan --

You'll just have to suffer for freedom again."

Work now for government sound and free,

A united, progressive community.

Develop an interest and then you can say

"I shared in my country's future today".

Mrs. Phil DeWees
Cedar Rapids-Marion League

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