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LWV and the 1967 Legislature
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Local Agenda

Board of Directors 1966-1967

President, Mrs. Flave George 264-496

1st VP, Loc Agenda: Mrs. Guy Hewitt 32-503

2nd VP: Mrs. Thomas Gilson 78-271

Secy & Publications: Mrs. Hayao Oishi 770-001

Treasurer: Mrs. George Regula 265-047

Public Relations: Mrs. David Babineau 250-493

Ethics: Mrs. Eldon Dykes 32-249

Finance: Mrs. Clarence Gabert 269-753

Membership: Mrs. Robert Vik 32-227

UN-Foreign Pol: Mrs. Jerry Greenspan 39-968

Human Resources: Mrs. Ernest Harris 245-696

Water Resources: Mrs. John C. Marr 269-270

Voters Service: Mrs. Scott McCleod 256-139

Bulletin Editor; Mrs. Alfred Story 264-295

Units: Mrs. R. H. Tobiasson 265-303

Nominating Committee Chr. (Off-Board) Mrs. Burl Yarberry 815-257

LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF HAWAII President: Ms, George Simson 3236 Alani Dr., Hon. 982-371

Secy-Treas: Mrs. George Tomoguchi 142 Kanoeloni Dr., Hilo 56-426

Election Laws: Mrs. James K. Lowers 307 Halemauniou St., Hon. 33 -360

Voters Service: Mrs. Walter Thorndike 1923 Halekoa Dr., Hon. 700-928

Organization: Mrs. Allan Saunders 3496 Woodlawn Dr., Hon. 982-635

Publications: Mrs. Thomas Gilson 4140-A Black Point Rd., Hon. 78-271

(Rev, Dec. 66, Membership Com.)

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