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[ Election Laws ]

This brief discussion of what we have done, and what we are to do, should make you pause and think on how you feel we can improve elections. We hope you will let us hear from you.

* * *

Brief Resume of Laws of Conduct of Election at Polling Place

Posting of Notices. Seven days before election Proclamation of Election to be posted ; Register of Voters to be posted at three places in precinct as soon as list is available; a specimen ballot, a Card of Instruction and a List of Registered Voters should be posted on each side of entrance to polling place.

Physical Set-Up. If more than one voting unit voter list should be divided alphabetically. Not less than 3 voting compartments in each Unit, screened for privacy with a shelf, pencil and instruction sheet in each. A guard rail to be erected around working areas and this space kept free of all but workers. Ballot boxes to be clearly marked and within that area. At area of 1,000 feet around polls to be kept free of people (except voters and workers) and campaigning and campaign materials. The poll should not be in a building where liquor is sold.

Personnel Inspectors - not less than three, nor more than five. Clerks - two for each voting unit. Workers to be, if possible, from opposing parties and from precinct in which they work.

Administration of Balloting. Ballot to be folded to conceal contents when handed to voter. Voter's name cross off register and entered in official record of voters. Information requested should be furnished clearly and pleasantly. The inspector should have checked ballot returned to him to be sure it was … BALLOT and immediately put it in box. We should also have been alert to see all ballots (either spoiled or voted) returned to him. Any citizen wanting to watch counting must be allowed to do so if room is available. The inspector first counts ballots and looks. If more ballots than voters be he returns all to box, shakes it, and removes extra ballots. Each ballot is to be tallied in its entirety with one inspector calling, one tallying and a clerk watching each for errors. Ballots to be rejected for: incorrect mark, mark not in box, two ballots folded together, more votes than offices to be voted for. Rejected ballot to be marked by chief clerk on the back. Blank ballots to be counted and recorded on sheet and great care be taken to return ballots in containers furnished with tally sheets and all unused ballots. Clerk must officially announce results to precinct before going to Lt. Governor's office.

Time of Opening & Closing Polls. 7:00 ... to 5:30... with all in line at closing time allowed to vote - but no one who arrives later allowed to enter line. All citizens should be allowed time off to vote...

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