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Local Agenda - The Future of Diamond Head

In 1961, twenty-five organizations joined in petitioning the Honolulu City Council to defer any changes in land use or zoning in the Diamond Head District until a Development Plan was prepared. Much has happened since then. A near General Plan for Oahu has been adopted, some of the area has been designated as a State monument, and the requested Development Plan for the Waikiki-Diamond Head area has been prepared by the City Planning Department. Plans for the development of Diamond Head have been prepared by the O.D.C., the firm of John Carl Warnecke, the Outdoor Circle and the Mayor's Citizens Committee, The City Planning Commission is holding workshops on Diamond Head this month and will hold a public hearing on its future development next month, Thus the critical decision on Diamond Head is imminent.

Attached you will find, a map of the Diamond Head area showing the various alternatives for its future development, At our January Units a portion of the time will be used to discuss these alternatives in an attempt to arrive at a League consensus. There will be much in the papers in the next few weeks on Diamond Head. Read it and study this map and come to Units prepared with questions and ideas - and bring the map to the Unit meetings to facilitate discussion, If we can arrive at a consensus, our testimony at the Planning Commission hearings in February can be much more effective.

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