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LWV and the 1967 Legislature

  1. Consensus has been reached on the following changes in the Election Laws and we will work for them in the Legislature.

    1. Lower the voting age from 20 to 18 years.

    2. Lower the residence requirement in the state from 1 year to 6 months; in the precinct from 3 months to 30 days.

    3. Insist on some identification at the polling place.

    4. Would like to see more in our law to help the clerk keep the register current - but have no suggested method of change.

      IS THERE MORE YOU FEEL WE CAN AND SHOULD DO? (Don't overlook the suggests listed in 1966 Election (II-2) before answering this question.)

  2. The League of Women Voters will make a Concerted Lobbying Effort to reach these goals.

    1. ALL MEMBERS are asked to do these things:

      1. Know the League's consensus and the thinking behind each item well enough to try to convince others.
      2. Understand thoroughly the stand on some identification at the polling place, and why this year';s card does not meet the need.


    As you are all aware the League cannot realistically plan to lobby equally hard or in exactly the same way for each item of our consensus. We must tailor our approach to each item. We feel that Points 1 & 2 above are non-controversial; that Point _ (as it stands) will be aided by the passage of time; but in the case of Point 3 concerted lobbying is a must. So your State Board has drawn up a tentative list of things to do:

    We hope the Honolulu League can put on a legislative function where we can meet our legislators and remind them of our interest in good legislation, especially Election Laws. We need Honolulu to supply an Observer Corps for the Legislative Session.

    The Observer Corps would be responsible for publishing the Legislative Newsletter, keeping roll-call votes on pertinent issues; and staying on top of legislative calendar. This can be exciting work. Why don't you try it out?

    The Election Law Committee plan to: write letters to editor on identification at the polls; a letter to each legislator on our positions following it up with other data at appropriate time; testify before committees and supply written information to them; hold a Lobbying Workshop to review what we learned last year; maintain a clipping file on each legislator; keep a priority list and plan ways to implement each item of action and publish an Every-Citizen booklet on our Primary Law and where it is going.

    Any of you wanting information on a legislator call: Marnie Straehley at #700-324 -- evenings are best. She has the clipping files.

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