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President's Page

I write this as the Voter goes to press in order to bring you the newest of the news on our red-hot program item of ethics in government.

Some time at the very end of January or in the first week of February this League will be a principal sponsor of a Conference on Ethics in Government. While we felt rather alone (and. sometimes even unpopular) during the developing stages of our program item on ethics, we now find ourselves in very good company indeed.

It's highly probable (I'll even cross my fingers and say almost certain) that we will work with the cooperation and financial assistance of the Conference Center at the University of Hawaii, We will be joined by the Citizens' Committee on Ethics in Government as joint sponsors.

Our glamorous and proliferating plans: include participation by the legislators who will be working on a State Code of Ethics in the forthcoming session, and cooperation from a number of participating organizations. The will probably include The Business League for Better Government, the AFL-CIO's COPE, the AAUW, and perhaps a handful of others. (We even seem to be in the happy position of being able to choose.)

I have already written a very prestigious Mainland expert about the possibility Of his keynoting the conference as principal speaker. (Nope, I won't tell -you'll just have to guess.) The Governor has been most helpful with suggestions about the structure of the Conference. And this is only the beginning.

I warmly suggest that all of you who devoted so much thought and attentions to the development of this program item block out the whole period when the one-day conference may be scheduled -- save all the days and wait for announcement of the date. We'll keep you posted - watch your newspapers. It looks as if this were going to be THE League event of the decade.

It's been seven months since you sent me to Convention in Denver, and perhaps it's history for almost everybody, but I haven't forgotten that I was shipped off with your mandate to work for limitation of national program. Last month I wrote Mrs. Robert Stuart, our national president, indicating our continuing concern about program load. I want to share her thoughtful answer with all of you, but there isn't space here for her very detailed reply. I hope to have duplicates prepared for circulation at all units in January, and hope you will all make an opportunity to read her letter at that time. Her response was warm, personal, provocative and generously long. Please share my pleasure in being a part of an organization which is large and powerful but in no way impersonal.


It's pleasant to have this chance to extend public congratulations to new Board member and Membership Chairman Elaine Vik, who during her brief tenure has pulled rabbits out of her hat (or more properly; members out of hiding) to recruit full committees for the various responsibilities which have been a matter for Board concern.

And while the flowers are being passed out, I don't want to forget to mention the notable performance turned in by Water Chairman Louise Marr and her committee. Nobody who turned up for November units will ever be complacent about water pollution again.


To the members of the Board who have helped so artfully when my enthusiastic reach has exceeded my inadequate grasp; to the husbands of the Leaguers, who have granted us a sort of monopoly on the services of- their priceless wives to the groups in the community who have given an attentive ear and a helping hand in our efforts, and most especially to all of you who are members Of the League, a VERY merry Christmas.

Mary George

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