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Did You Know?

During the League year, 1966-67, each member received a total of $3.40 in resource material for her $5.00 dues, Publications included the Aloha Voter, A the Hawaii Voter, the National Voter, Pro-Con on the Constitutional Convention, and Local Reapportionment, Facts & Issues on water resources, and a Membership Handbook. What a bargain! This didn't leave much to cover organizational expenses such as equipment repairs, purchase of resource material for study committees, public relations, delegates' expenses, setting up workshops, etc., etc., etc. So - how can we make important resource material available to the members on a regular, Comprehensive, financially feasible basis?

Beginning in April, 1967, a LOCAL PUBLICATION SERVICE will be initiated by the LWV of Honolulu. Subscribers will receive valuable informative publications pertinent to League study items and program. During an election year, material of a Voters Service variety will be included.


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