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National Agenda - Red China Study

"An informed public is essential for the development of sound foreign policies. ...When one of every five occupants of our globe is Chinese, it would seem the most obvious kind of self-interest to know as much as we can about them and about the many forces that have shaped and influenced them throughout their long history. An ambitious and aggressive Communist China represents a serious threat to us and to all of its neighbors. But we can never hope to meet that threat successfully, or to encourage developments favorable to world stability or to our own interests, if we shut our eyes and close our minds."

The above statement, by W. Averell Harriman, well paraphrases League thought when it adopted the study of Red China last May. As our Units on this fascinating study approach, the committee felt it might be valuable for you to be aware of our study guidelines, keeping them in mind as you do your casual reading. (Hardly an issue of any magazine goes by these days without, some article or reference to Red China.)

Briefly, we will be discussing in its historical and cultural perspective. the emergence of China today on the world scene, the Communist takeover, and China's relations with the outside world; U.S.-China relations from the early missionaries to present attitudes; current policy issues such as the U.N. problem, trade, U.S. diplomatic recognition and nuclear control.

Overwhelmed? Don't be. We really don't expect proficiency on all these topics, but the reading is so engrossing and available that everyone should able to have at least a smattering of background by March, in addition to information supplied by the committee. (Consult last month's China reading list, supplied by the Library of Hawaii, for good hard cover suggestions.) Resource committee meetings are open to the general membership and all are welcome.

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