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The President's Page

Your Board has accepted, with real regret, the resignation of Nancy Dykes from her Board position and as chairman of the State Ethics Committee. While private responsibilities prevent her from continuing with official League duties at this time, she continues to offer us her warm interest, and a broad shoulder to lean on if we need her help and advice. I am sure many of you share my personal feeling, which is rather as if somebody had just amputated my right arm! We wish her well, and, most especially, we wish her back.

Mrs. Todd Furniss will be her replacement as Ethics Committee Chairman and to fill her unexpired term on the Board. Barbara Furniss is relatively new to the League, but has already demonstrated in her work on that committee that she has a real contribution to make to us. Put her name down in your League folder, and her telephone number is 746-634 if you want to talk about state-level ethics.


The YWCA has written me that I may extend to all Leaguers their cordial invitation to come to their membership meeting on Wednesday, January 18, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. The Y feels that the program might be of some interest to you; City Planning Director Frank Skrivanek will speak on "The Changing Face of Our City", after which a "reacting panel" is to comment and question. Said panel is to consist of Mrs. Harlan Benner, for the Outdoor Circle, Mrs. A. D. Stubenberg for the Y, and a rank outsider name of Mrs. Flave George for the LWV. (I am already thinking of some questions with which to beleaguer the speaker -- any ideas?)


Did you know that in Maryland (which, like Hawaii, placed on the ballot last fall the question of calling a Constitutional Convention) their constitutional provision against dual office-holding has been interpreted to bar state legislators and other public officials from becoming delegates to the Convention? All of us might well be thinking, as individuals, what sort of representation we would like to see in our Convention.


The League will be invited to send a representative or two to participate in the Judicial Conference, scheduled for January 26, 27, and 28. And Marguerite Simson and I are members of the planning committee for a Conference on the Continuing Educational Needs of Women, scheduled for January 28. So watch for press announcements - two events.

And I notice that forgot, in the item on the Y meeting in the left-hand column, to say that it's at 1040 Richards Street.

Add to all this our own joint sponsorship of the Ethics in Government Conference on February 8 (see notice elsewhere in this bulletin) and the calendar is already groaning.


Have you been wondering about our quick and critical reaction to the recent nominations to the Ethics Commission? If you have any misgivings because of press comment, perhaps you might like to refer back to our original consensus on ethics in government (as a local agenda item). In evaluating the membership of boards and commissions, we felt that bipartisanship, and broad representation from the community, were two essential ingredients. We felt that the recent nominations to this Commission (which we played such an important part in creating) fulfilled neither of these requirements. As Leaguers, I am sure you realize that we would have been equally critical whichever party was the single one represented. I am also sure that you realize that our public statement insisted that our criticism was directed at the total board, and most certainly not at the qualifications of the individual nominees. I truly did not feel that it was proper for us to remain silent.

Mary George

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