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National Agenda Items - Red China

The March Unit meetings will be on National Agenda Item, Red China. The objectives of the study are to increase the understanding of the 'United States-Red China Relationship' and 'to examine and evaluate opportunities for, and desireabilities of, change in U.S. policies toward Red China'.

The fascinating story of Chinese development affects us all. Generally speaking, we have felt overwhelmed by our own ignorance on the subject and the limited resources available. But all of that is changing now. With the wealth of material being published on the subject, documentaries, panel discussions such as 'Columbia in Hawaii' and the day by day news broadcasts of the struggles going on in China today, we certainly have a lot to work with. We can hardly hope to understand the feelings and actions of the Chinese people or to know how to deal with them without first learning 'what makes them tick.' This is what makes the subject so interesting. Delving into their philosophy, history, and social structure and comparing them with our own gives us some good ideas of why we seem to- be at opposite poles both politically and economically. Are you interested in answers to questions such as these?

What were the conditions leading to the overthrow of Chiang Kai Shek?

How has the family system stood up to the barrage of Western individualistic ideas, Communist criticism and economic changes?

What were the early exposures of China to the west?

Come to the Units and help us discuss answers to questions like these. And before you do, here is come recommended reading material.

"The United States and China"; John King Fairbanks (paperback, Varsity Book Store,$1.85)

*"The China Puzzle" - a League Publication

"Modern China"; edited by Albert Feuerweker (Spectrum - paperback)

Some recent articles in magazines and newspapers -

The Reporter; September, 1066; "China Leaps - Where?"

Time Magazine; January 13, 1967; "China in Chaos"

Life Magazine; Series beginning September 23, 1966; "The 100 Violent Years"

National Observer (weekly newspaper);

1/28/66; "No Thanks Say Both Chinas to a Two-China U.N. Admission"

12/12/66; "How Mao's Wife Emerges as a Political Force"

1/9/67; "Who's Who in the Chinese Communist Party"

"Mao: They Treated Me as if I Were a Paret at a Funeral"

Maps - "Population Distribution" and 'Where the Crops Are"


12/19/66; "Macao: Macao: Object Lesson" and "Stalemate in Peking"

12/26/66; "Drums in the Night"

10/24/66; "Great Leap Forward: Four Who Fled"

*The China Puzzle: We bring Your attention to a NEW League publication, "The China Puzzle" has the special attraction of being produced at the start of our U.S.-China study and therefore it makes it possible for every member to begin looking into the subject at the same time. (Not even an old League hand can claim expertise on China from years of League study or files on LWV publications.

And we hope that every member will make it a point to get her own copy, because The China Puzzle is intended for all of us, not just the resource committee or foreign policy experts. This is a publication that every member, can approach without feeling she suffers from lack of background. For the background is built right into the book. Buy one for Daddy, your teenager, Uncle Tom and Grampa, too. Tell them the book -

  • Provides historical and geographical background,

  • Looks at China's 700-plus million people,

  • Scrutinizes factors leading to revolution in modern China,

  • Examines mainland China's internal problems and her relations with the world.

  • Discusses U.S. relations with the People's. Republic of China and U.S. commitment to the Republic of China on Taiwan,

  • Identifies some of the major issues that divide the United States and Communist China, and

  • Contains a two-page map of the People's Republic of China and chart of Chinese eras and dynasties.

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