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From the President's Desk (Mary George)
Local Publication Service
Attention All New Leaguers and Guests
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Local Agenda - Diamond Head
National Agenda Items - Water Resources
National Agenda Items - Red China
State Agenda - Election Laws


Local Publication Service

LWV of Honolulu

This service is for members and non-members and includes new publications on current topics of general interest as well as League information.

Publications are chosen by the Board of the League of Tomen Voters of Honolulu with the recommendation of the resource chairman and Publications Chairman. Any Honolulu League publications produced will be distributed through this service and an adjustment will be made, i.e., State or National publications will be dropped and the local publications added.

Postage is all calculated third class and barely covers mailing every piece. Delivery will be made, via Units or the Aloha Voter whenever possible. This subscription Service is not a profit making endeavor, but we do want to break even.


$2.50 annually in advance. Subscription year covers the League fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Late subscribers will receive the material that had been sent, before they subscribed only for the current subscription year,

Cost of postage and Mailing is included.


Subscription notices will be sent with dues notices 30 days before renewal is due. Subscriptions which are not renewed are automatically dropped.

The Aloha Voter, The Hawaii Voter, and the National Voter subscriptions are included in the League membership dues. Subscriptions for non-members are available to individuals, libraries, schools, etc., at $1.00 per subscription per year.

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