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From the President's Desk

The word from Nancy Dykes in New York is that her husband is recuperating slowly but surely after his serious operation; Nancy has donned her nurses's cap again for the time they'll be there. If you'd like to drop her a note, it's Mrs. Eldon Dykes, Doctor's Hospital, East End Avenue, New York City... and if you have any extra clippings on the Ethics Conference, send 'em along.


Twenty-two Leaguers participated in the Ethics Conference, and I'm sure I speak for all of them when I say that it was an exciting and rewarding experience. Perhaps there will be an opportunity for a brief discussion of the Conference at the next round of units. Watch the newspapers and most especially the Legislative Newsletter -- to see whether or not the Conference discussions influence our law-makers in their deliberations about a Code of Ethics for the State. It now seems likely that a variety of bills will be introduced in the forthcoming session, each presenting a somewhat different solution to the problem.


When league representatives had their official annual interview with Representative Patsy Mink last November, she indicated het great interest in the problems of the Pacific Territories, with special reference to civil rights and the various problems which fall within the scope of our national program item of Development of Human Resources. Her new House Committee Assignment now makes this area one of her official responsibilities, and I wrote her recently wondering whether it might be useful for the Honolulu league to expand its DHR study to include a look at these problems to the west. Her prompt answer was that she hopes to be in Honolulu late in March, and would be glad to meet with us then. So watch for the word, and save up your questions.


The Honolulu Annual Meeting and the Hawaii State Convention are to be put together as a sort of two-ring circus on April 14th and 15th, and you'll be reading and hearing a lot more about this League highlight. You'll be asked to take part in the first step at this month's units, which, is when the members will choose the 12 delegates, and their alternates, who will act for the Honolulu League at the State Convention. Being a delegate is a responsibility, but it's also fun and exciting, as those of us who attended the last Convention can tell you. (Our delegates go to Convention "informed but not instructed" - so here's a chance for members from each Unit to participate in the thoughtful direction of the State League.) It looks like a pretty wild two days, and I hope I'll see all of you there, either as participants or in the cheering section.


Wish EVERYBODY could have seen the TV special on Red China a couple of weeks ago; perhaps there's some way we can work out a future system for telling -members about particularly valuable video fare. If any Leaguer hears from a Mainland friend about something particularly worthwhile, call me, or call the chairman of the program subject involved, and perhaps we can work out a postcard, mailing, or a round-robin telephone notification service. Sometimes we grouse about getting our TV programs on a delayed basis, but in this case, perhaps it's helpful to have a week or two of advance notice.


The League Board would like to know what all of you think about some sort of "baby-sitter" service as a convenience to mothers of small children who might then attend. daytime unit and committee meetings. Should we think about scheduling meetings where such services are inexpensively available? Let us know.

Mary George

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