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National Agenda - Water Resources

Proposed Basic Standards of Water Quality Applicable to all Water Areas

  1. Free from substances attributable to municipal, domestic, industrial or agricultural wastes, or other controllable sources that will either settle to form unsightly, putrescent, or odorous bottom deposits, or will interfere with the classified use of the water.

  2. Free from unsightly floating debris, oil, grease, scum or other floating material attributed to municipal, domestic, industrial or agricultural Wastes, or other controllable sources. "Unsightly" shall be deemed to mean an appreciable change in the existing color or turbidity of the water or that causes more than a slight iridescence on the surface of the water.

  3. Free from biocides, toxic or other deleterious substances from controllable sources in levels, concentrations or combinations sufficient to be harmful to human, animal or marine life or sufficient to make the receiving waters unsafe or unsuitable for the classified use.

  4. Free from concentrations of radioactive materials attributable to controllable sources in excess of limits established in the latest edition of the Public Drinking Water Standards, United States Public Health Service..

  5. Free from untreated municipal sewage; industrial or agricultural wastes. Municipal sewage shall be deemed untreated unless it has received at least secondary treatment by which a minimum Of 90% of the biochemical oxygen consuming material and solids have been removed. Industrial and agricultural wastes shall be deemed untreated if they are amenable to treatment and have not received the best practical treatment or control, unless it can be demonstrated that A lesser' degree of treatment or control will provide for a water quality commensurate with the standards for the classified water use.

  6. Free from sedimentary Materials caused by erosion and resulting from activities involving earthwork, such as land grading for public works, highways, subdivisions,- recreational, commercial or industrial developments, or the cultivation and management of agricultural lands. This standard shall be deemed met if it can be shown that the land from which the erosion occurred or is occurring is being managed in accordance with soil conservation practices approved by the United States Soil Conservation Service or that the sedimentary materials have received the best practical treatment or control prior to discharge and that such materials have been reduced to the best practical minimum by such treatment or control,

These preliminary basic water quality standards have been submitted to the Department of Health by Mr. Robert Dodge, Master on hater Uses and Quality Standards. They are based on the information, reports, and studies of water areas and on the requirements of the Water Quality Act of 1965 and Act 163, Session Laws of Hawaii, 1965. They sound good to the Water Resources Study Committee! How do they sound to you?

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