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President's Page

Nancy Dykes is back, and Ruth Snyder's gone to the Mainland for about a month, in case you're keeping track.


State Pres. Marguerite Simson made a flying trip to Hilo and Maui last week; went to a membership meeting and met with the, local Board. She also talked with County Chairman Shunichi Kimura -- about Ethics, what else?


In case anybody's interested, the characters to the right mean "China -- First Lesson" unless I have forgotten every thing I ever knew about calligraphy.

An excellent four-page study, prepared by Virginia Bogard and her committee, is included in this month's Voter, Take a careful look at it and you'll be a well-informed participant in this month's units.

Fair warning: in case you forget to bring this material to unit meeting, extra copies will be available -there through the resource committee with a price tag of one dime.


Also included in this Voter is a copy of the criteria established by the. Citizens' Committee on Ethics in Government as fundamental to a meaningful Code of Ethics. The Committee is now testifying before hearings of the State Legislature on the basis of this document.

While we do not have consensus on a state level on our program item of Ethics in Government, and cannot therefore support the Citizens' Committee in its current effort to get enactment of a meaningful State Code, I felt that League members would be interested in seeing the results of the Committee's deliberations.., perhaps especially so since the Committee was originally created and convened by the Honolulu League.


Look for fast excitement in the last couple of unit meetings in this League year Chairman Louise Mart has been given the green light to try for consensus on water quality standards, and Barbara Furniss to try for consensus on Ethics.

Mary George

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