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May Unit Meetings - Local Agenda - Initiative and Referendum

Definitions - The power of voters to approve or reject ordinances by election is the REFERENDUM power.

INITIATIVE & REFERENDUM (I & R) are also known as "direct legislation".

At our unit discussions, we will give you the history of I & R and how it operates. We will also discuss the Honolulu Charter Commission's work on I & R and what our Charter provides along this line. Logically falling into this area, also, will be a discussion of provisions for Charter amendment.

The National Municipal League's proposal for I & R and charter amendment will be presented. Those of you who have worked on the Charter study item before are familiar with the National Municipal League. For those of you who don't know their work, here is some background on the National Municipal League from A Half Century of Municipal Reform by Frank Mann Stewart. "Under a call issued jointly by the Municipal League of Philadelphia and the City Club of New York, and endorsed by leading citizens in many communities, there was convened in Philadelphia in January, 1894, the First National Conference for Good City Government. Out of this Conference came the demand for a permanent national organization of the municipal reform forces. A second meeting in New York City in May, 1894, resulted in the creation of the National Municipal League.

Since that time the League has given its attention to the study of city government and later to county and state government, and has developed and promoted a comprehensive program for the reform of local government. The most important elements of this program are the activities in behalf of charter reform, improved forms of governmental organization, democratic local government, and higher standards and better methods of administration.

So come prepared to listen and learn. And those of you who have lived in localities that had I & R ---come prepared to relate your experiences, good or bad, with "direct legislation"

Jane Hewitt
Local Agenda Chairman

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