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President's Page

It gives me the greatest possible satisfaction -- no, make that delight -- to introduce to the membership the officers and directors with whom I will have the privilege of serving during the forthcoming League year. Please look at the green page included with this Voter, where you'll find your permanent record of 1967-1968 LWV Honolulu leadership.

The addresses and telephone numbers are included with a reason. All of us are available for the receipt of suggestions, gripes or bouquets; to answer questions as best we can, and in general to fulfill our function of directing the activities of our League in accordance with the expressed wishes of its members,

Of course there's a change to make already; a new address for June Ellingsworth. Scratch out the old one and move her around the corner to 202 Hawaii Loa. Same phone.


On your behalf as well as mine, I'd like to use a little of this page to express thanks to the members of last year's Board of Directors who have retired to well-earned enjoyment of being plain Leaguers without portfolio. Thank Evelyn Oishi when you see her; she has put in two efficient and arduous years as our secretary. Shake Gladys Gabert's hand -- she presided over the last finance drive, during which we doubled our previous contribution record. Listen to Lynne Story (the melodious Sweet Adeline) who somehow sandwiched publishing a Voter in with all that barbershop harmony. Thank Marie Gilson, who made the trip upstairs to the State Board and had to resign her Honolulu vice-presidency. Remember Sandy Larson, who had to move to the Mainland just as she got the Red China study on the road. And give your aloha to Nancy Dykes, Betty Harris, Dorothy Babineau and Ann Payne, all members of the 1966-1967 Board of Directors whose personal responsibilities prevented their continuance in their League chores.

The May National Civic Review carries a pleasant piece on our thoroughly successful February Conference on Ethics in Government. And did you see the squib about the Voteswagen in Good Housekeeping? I rather imagine most local leagues rate fairly good local publicity, but I wonder how many can point with pride to national coverage?


Radio Station KIKI 830 on your dial - is featuring a series on the just-finished legislative session, with an assortment of senators and representatives on tap to answer questions. Tune in between 2 and 5 on weekday afternoons, and if you're curious about any piece of legislation, here's a chance to get the scoop. The program is Jimmy Walker's "Kakaako Soapbox". Telephone on the air is 519-830.


Marguerite Simson recommends some light spring reading to keep us busy while she and Marie Gilson are off disporting themselves at National Council. Herewith three magazine articles of general interest:

Washington Insight: Clean Money for Congress?" in the April 1967 Harper's is good fare for what Barbara Furniss calls "ethics buffs".

For those interested in practical politics; try the April 8, 1967, New Yorker. Richard Harris' piece "A Reporter At Large: How Does It Look?" is both witty and perceptive. And for a report on a family campaign for a supposedly sure loser, read David McGee's "A Family Affair" in the March 9 Reporter.


Flash! Honolulu membership has just hit 199 - so will you PLEASE go next door and recruit your neighbor so we can have 200?

Mary George

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