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Honolulu League in Action

We have been busy this past month making League consensus known at a variety of public hearings --- such as:

On May 4th, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the proposed plan for Diamond Head. It was in the evening in the City Council chambers— and the place was packed. Every seat was full, then people lined the walls and finally started sitting on the floor. The hearing began. at 7:30 and at last, at 10:15.,we were called on for our statement. It was short and to the point -- that the League would like to see the City acquire the area for park eventually and maintain Diamond Head Road as a scenic drive--and after delivering those few words, we staggered home.

In contrast, the City Council's public hearing on the proposed operating and capital budgets and tax rate for the coming year attracted only five people- three to testify on the budget and tax rates generally and one man plus the LWV to make specific requests for additions to the budget. Mary George and Jane Hewittt met with Mayor Blaisdell on May 22nd to ask his assistance in adding a social worker and an additional matron to the jail personnel-- and presented this request plus supporting facts to the Council on Tuesday, May 23rd. On June 6th the City Council passed the operating budget without amending it to include our request. We will be going back to the administration later in the year to ask for a supplemental budget appropriation for added jail personnel. If at first you don't succeed...


If you want to insure that adequate federal grant funds are available to our cities for the construction of sewage treatment plants, letters to our Senators Fong and Inouye and our Representatives, Mink and Matsunaga, are needed from individual Leaguers NOW NOW NOW

Urge them to use their influence with members of the Public Works Subcommittee on Appropriations to retain the $450 million authorized in 1966 for sewage treatment plant construction. Louise Marr, phone 269-270, can give you further details for your letter.

The Halawa Water Tunnel Tour was a great success. If there is sufficient interest, another may be scheduled for September. Let your Unit Leader know or call Louise Marr - 269-270.

Jane Hewitt

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