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The following are our Unit Membership Representatives for 1967-68. They welcume everyone, guests and members, at our unit discussions, follow-up prospective members by calling them for meetings, take attendance, accept dues (By the way, the June unit meetings are the last for members to pay dues before they become delinquent September 1st!), distribute new member kits and help each member find her interest in League. In addition the unit membership representative has broad membership responsibilities for general meetings and "Let's Talk League" orientations. Welcome to the Membership Committee:

Ronnie Craighead - Honolulu Morning Unit

Audrey Naretzki - Manoa Unit

Mary Louise Garcia - Koko Head Unit

Barbara Mills - Kam Unit

Charlotte Holbrook - Windward Evening

Beverly Jacobsen - Windward Morning

Also working on Membership this coming year ate:

Pat Shutt, phone 248-229, who will categorize our talents and interests and:

Ruth Balsley, phone 990-179, who will keep the file of our prospective members, mailing them information about the League and passing their names on to the Bulletin Editor for trial VOTER mailing and to the Unit Representatives for personal follow-up.

Many, many thanks to you who worked on Membership this past year - a successful one with 64 new members joining since September 1st, 1966.

Peggy Rowe

Tosh Tasaka

Virginia Jones

Beth Rowell

Ann Machovina

Pat Shutt

Joline Miller

Faye Fehd

Elaine Vik

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