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President's Page (Mary George)
Time for Action - Foreign Policy Committee (Virginia Bogardus)
Publications (Audrey Klein)
To the Windward Unit (Audrey Klein)
Speakers Bureau for 1967-68 (Linda Smart)
Membership (Elaine Vik)
New Members - May 1967
Honolulu League in Action (Jane D. Hewitt)
Water Quality Standards (Mary George & Louise Marr)

New Members - May 1967

Holbrook, Charlotte,(Mts. Frederick) 45-433 Nakuluai St. Phone-244-171 Kaneohe Windward Eve,.

Harada, Gwen (Mrs. Raymond T.) 45-143 E William Henry Rd. 246-073 Kaneohe Windward Evening

McCarthy, Josephine (Mrs.) 32 Kailua Road Phone 266-321 Kailua Windward Evening

Whitesell, Carol B. (Mrs. Craig D.) 232 Pouli Rd. Phone 256-114 Kailua Windward Evening

Shriner, Lynn (Mrs. Ralph) 45-306 Aiwalani Pl. Ph: 244-161 Kaneohe Windward Evening _

Jacobsen, Beverly (Mrs. Peter) 650-Ikemaka P1 Ph 255-724 Kailua Windward Morning

Tamashiro, Helen (Mrs. Jitsuo) 152 Kahali St, Ph 265-385 Kailua Windward Morning

Maretzki, Audrey (Mrs. Andrew) 4569 Ahuli Pl - Ph. 702-076 Honolulu , Manoa Unit *****200th member

Henry, Louise (Mrs. L. Lennig) 2957 Kalakaua Ave Ph, 937-258 Honolulu Manoa Unit

Erickson, Helen (Mrs. Charles) 3345 Kaohinani Dr Ph. 553-155 Honolulu Kam Unit

Hyde, Corinne (Mrs. Henry P.) 658 Hunakai Ph: 776-532 Honolulu Morning

McIntyre, Frances (Mrs. Francis) 928 Hunakai St. Ph.741-402 Honolulu Honolulu Morning


Our loss, San Diego's gain; Aloha to, Beth Rowell (Mrs. Harold) c/o G.W. Oliver 2419 Balsa St, San Diego, California 92105

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