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President's Page

I'll be away from July 8 through September 10, due to a delightful and unexpected family decision to take a look at Europe. (While it's still there, maybe?) I would truly like to leave with the comfortable feeling that I haven't left undone anything that I ought to have done, and hope that any member who has anything at all she'd like to discuss will call before I go. The telephone number is 264-496, and if you can't reach me the first time around, keep trying. Elaine Vik, our first vice-president, and Ann Machovina, or second vice-president, have already demonstrated their competence to handle the executive chores of the League. Elaine will be available (phone 32-337) for queries in any area of League service activities, and Ann will answer questions on program at 264-748.

Two long board meetings, and two meetings of the newly-created sub-board groups for program and service, have already firmed up the League calendar for 1967 - 1968, and planning is well under way for the varied and interesting menu to be dished up for us when we begin regular League meetings again in September.


Attached to this Voter is a record of League testimony developed for the current critical series of hearings on Water Quality Standards. You will note that these documents represent local League consensus arrived at during our unit meetings on the subject; we hope we have expressed firmly and well the position taken by our membership. It is a particular pleasure for me to take advantage of this column in the Voter to offer my warm congratulations to the Water Committee. Although water pollution has been on our National Agenda for some time, until this year we have never undertaken a serious study of the problem, and of its local applications. Chairman Louise Marr and her hard-working committee deserve our gratitude for their careful research and preparation of material for unit presentation. When a local League can find this sort of talent and dedication to kindle our collective imagination and guide us into appropriate action, we are indeed rich. (The nicest part of the water study is that our position expressed in the hearings really seems to matter. We have been among the first - and the few - who have come forward to express what we'd like to see as our established water quality standards;


ETHICS. Hasn't it been fun to be a part of history? Marguerite Simson and I went down to Iolani Palace to watch the Governor sign the Ethics Bill into law - and in case you missed it in the newspapers, he did and it is. Barbara Furniss couldn't make it, so we're saving the ethical pen that did the job for her so she can hang it over her mantelpiece together with a framed copy of Act 263.

WAIT! Don't close the file yet! Have you' forgotten that we haven't evaluated the state legislation yet, and that we still have unfinished business on the City-County level? Our fall calendar calls for a general meeting with a panel discussion of Ethics in Government, and Chairman Furniss has a sleevefull of cards for this event. Plenty of sparks left in this bonfire....


A small plea: does anyone know where we can liberate (or purchase if the price is right) a suitable storage cabinet or bookcase for supplies which we are presently fortunate enough to store chez Furniss? It doesn't have to be pretty; just practical. The principal requirement is shelf space for the paper and ink and stencils that accompany the mimeograph machine.


Remember the cliffhanger note in this column last month announcing that we had 199 members, and beseeching kokua in getting the 200th? Newcomer Audrey Maretzki gets a special aloha as member No. 200, and we went way beyond - 207 at this writing. Thirteen new members joined in May, and THIS is supposed to be end-of-the-season slump? Windward Evening Unit alone gained 5 new enthusiasts. THANKS!

Mary George

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