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President's Page (Mary George)
Time for Action - Foreign Policy Committee (Virginia Bogardus)
Publications (Audrey Klein)
To the Windward Unit (Audrey Klein)
Speakers Bureau for 1967-68 (Linda Smart)
Membership (Elaine Vik)
New Members - May 1967
Honolulu League in Action (Jane D. Hewitt)
Water Quality Standards (Mary George & Louise Marr)


Have you joined the subscription service? This big bargain is $2.50 for the year. The first publication "IS POLITICS YOUR JOB" was mailed on May 23. If you have not received it, please call Audrey. You can send her a check today for $2;50 and still get your copy of this pamphlet. Otherwise it will cost you 50 cents.

Audrey Klein

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