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Water Quality Standards

For the Public Hearing on June 23, 1967

Department of Health, 1250 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu is grateful for this opportunity to express its appreciation of the changes submitted by Mr. Robert Dodge at the suggestion of the review panel of the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration in the final proposals for water uses and water quality standards, as well as the proposed changes in the implementation and surveillance program.

Provisions for citizen information and participation are now spelled out. The continuing responsibility of the State in identifying and evaluating sources of pollution is more clearly defined, as is the water sampling procedure. There is also more specific reference to the necessity for inter-agency cooperation in establishing the joint programs required for the achievement of the quality standards. The enforcement sanctions on permit violators are stated in more definite terms.

These changes strengthen implementation and enforcement in the areas of concern we expressed in our testimony for the hearing conducted on May 19, 1967.

We find the proposed changes in letter classification to be matters of terminology rather than substance, and concur with the more precise definitions thus provided.

Our organization, therefore, urges the adoption of the changes proposed by the hearing master.

Mrs. Flave George,
Mrs. John C. Marr,
Chairman, Water Resources Committee

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