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Human Resources Tour

Waimano Training School and Hospital was the destination of a field trip arranged by the committee on July 12th. It was too bad that summer schedules prevented more Leaguers from attending a particularly gracious and informative tour of this large state institution for retarded people.

Our guides were Clifford Liu and Allen Skidmore of the Commission on Aging. Observing the Foster Grandparents plan in action, we were able to share their enthusiasm for the success of this project. According to Mr. Liu and Mr. Skidmore the program has been mutually beneficial to the assigned child and his "grandparent". The child is provided with love, approval and reward for his efforts toward learning. The grandparent is utilizing his ability to give and to love; many of these people are achieving greater satisfaction in their lives than ever before.

Despite the depressing atmosphere inherent in a residence for so many "devastated" human beings, it was heartening to see that these people are being given excellent care. Along with statehood (and a newspaper series criticizing the deplorable conditions at Waimano as of 1959) the hospital was transferred to the Dept. of Health and underwent total revision, both in the physical care given the patients and in the interpretation of the role of the institution in the community. The emphasis shifted from custodial care to rehabilitation and community acceptance of as many retardates as possible. Our general invitation by the Superintendent of Waimano --to peek in every nook and cranny, at any time -- indicated a well deserved confidence in the staff and the work being done.

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