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Speakers Bureau for 1967-1968 (Linda Smart)
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Mahalo to our Treasurer
New Members - June-July 1967
Statement on Proposed Water Quality Standards (Mary George & Louise Marr)

New Members - June-July 1967

Omitted in error from May

Hansmann, Carla (Robert H.) 1038 Waihole St. Honolulu 96821 Ph 33-150 Koko Head

Monnet, Estelle T. (Walter-J.) 1257 Makapu Blvd. Kailua 96734 Ph 254-659 Windward

Mundy, Lucile (Millard) 237 Awakea Rd Kailua 96734 256-059 Windward Eve.

Sears, Mary (Glen) 649-B Oneawa St Kailua 96734 250-663 Windward Eve.


Bogard, Virginia (Dr. Frank) 385.D Reasoner APO San Francisco 96438
(She really lives near Tripler Hospital so don't let the address fool you.)

Kautz, Amanda (William) 2, Craigside Place Apt 2-E Honolulu 96817

Levine, Sue (Joel) 2565 u St Apt 31 Honolulu 96814 Ph 968-877

Loomis, Phyllis (Harold) 115 Maunalua Honolulu 96821

Rowe, Margaret (Chandler) 1974 Halekoa Dr Honolulu 96821

Setliff, Margaret (James) 2034 Oswald HonOlulu 96816 Ph 776-669

Aloha and Mahalo to Mary Grannis. She has been a member of the Red China study committee and is now moving to the Los Angeles area.

Each of you will be receiving the news directly from Washington. In line with our non-partisan policy, all of our members will be on the mailing list of each of our four Congressmen.

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