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Citizenship Day - September 17

An Open Letter to all League members:

The League is using Citizenship Day, September 17, to launch a nationwide campaign for new members. The League is looking for women who are concerned about water pollution and good schools and foreign policy, women who are intrigued by politics and women who are simply interested in governmental problems, women who worry about the inner city and would like to do something about it even if they live in the suburbs, women who like to discuss and chat on issues with other women who are bright and interested and involved, women who want to be better citizens.

We need everyone's help to find them.

Today through work in the League, 145,000 women volunteers are informed and active participants in government in 1,237 communities in 50 states. Since 1920 when the League began, hundreds of thousands of women have learned about government by working with fellow members to improve government. Many have gone on to serve their communities by running for public office, serving on appointed Boards and commissions, and using their League-gained knowledge to act individually or with other groups.

You are one of these volunteers. Do you have friends or neighbors like you? Encourage them to come to any of our meetings. The rest of us will make them welcome!

Very sincerely yours,


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