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Continuing Responsibilities - District of Columbia

Continuing Responsibilities - District of Columbia

DID YOU MISS THIS? President Johnson's reorganization plan for the District It Columbia submitted in early summer went into effect automatically on August 11 when Congress did not disapprove it. This reorganization, the first in 93 years for the city, replaces the system of having three appointed commissioners with a system of one appointed commissioner and a nine-member elected council. Although it falls short of self-government - and for this reason was neither supported nor opposed by the LWV of United States - it does provide the structure of conventional city government and has served to bring to public attention the many problems faced by our capital city.

On July 26, 1967 a statement was made by Mrs. Donald E. Clusen, LWV National director, in support of H.J. Res 396 which is the Administration proposal for a constitutional amendment to provide one elected representative for the District and such additional representatives and senators as Congress may provide, up to the number the District would have if a state.

S.J. Res 80 (same as H.J.Res 396) is still in the senate Judiciary Committee.

H.R. 9634 and S. 1683 - Administration proposal would provide, until such time as voting representation may be granted, a delegate to the House with all privileges of a representative except that on voting, - have been referred to the House District of Columbia Committee and the Senate District Committees respectively. As of September 1st no hearings have been held.

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