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September is Going to Be Interesting, Informative...
Rejection Is Urged for Isle Water Plan
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Discussion Meetings - September 6-14
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Looking Ahead - Preview of October Unit Meetings
Continuing Responsibilities - District of Columbia

Looking Ahead - Preview of October Unit Meetings

First Round:

PEACE--- "A pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war--"

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

Is the United Nations just a forum for discussion? Or does it work through its political and military role as a force for peace??

That is its peacekeeping machinery??

Is it limited by factors other than financial?? Does it encourage settlements or stalemates??

Lots of questions with interesting and thought-provoking answers are due in the October units. We hope you are reading all you can find on these subjects. (Can you avoid them!) Perhaps WAR serves basic psychological needs and is just a symptom of human unhappiness, but you won't find many war widows or Gold Star Mothers who agree. Surely we must get on with the search for machinery to implement conditions conclusive to PEACE.

Please Read: Facts & Issues "United Nations Peacekeeping - Old Problems and New Patterns"

Study items at the National Level for 1968-69 to be discussed. Read August issue of National Voter on Lively Issues. Items will be adopted by National Convention, Make your wishes known by attending and participating in the October Units.

Second Round:

WATER QUALITY STANDARDS - Louise Marr, chairman of water committee, has obtained a most interesting film from National. The committee, after a year's study and presentation of the material, will be asking for a consensus from the membership for League position on this subject.
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