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Help! - Nominating Committee


FROM: Evelyn Oishi, Chairman. Nominating Committee 770-001


The effectiveness of the League is largely determined by the wise choice of leadership. The initial responsibility for finding this leadership rests in the hands of the Nominating Committee which selects a slate of officers and directors to be presented to the membership for election. We are asking for your help in suggesting names of possible candidates whom you think can fill the bill.

Perhaps the most needed quality is a genuine interest in the League as an organization. The committee will be looking for administrative ability which has shown itself in other organizational work, but the candidate, particularly for the President, must be someone who will give priority to her League job. For any position on the slate the number of prior commitments or other organizational work should be small enough not to hamper activity needed by the League.

Nominations are open for the following:

Officers; President 2nd V President Treasurer

Directors: 3 directors for 2 year terms

Nominating Committee; One chairman and 2 members

Incumbent Board Members:

1st V President: Elaine Vik

Secretary: Vera Stern

Directors: Barbara Furniss, Fran McLeod, Ruth Snyder

Please keep in mind that the report of the Nominating Committee must be sent to the membership in the February ALOHA VOTER.

Evelyn Oishi

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