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[ Human Resources ]


League members are invited to attend three open meetings part of a study program ALTERNATIVES TO POVERTY, presented by the Task Force on Guaranteed Annual Income at the Church of the Crossroads.

Meetings are at 7:30 P.M.

October 19, Thursday "NEW CAREERS" - Dr. Arthur Pearl of the U. of Oregon

October 20, Friday "CRISIS STRATEGY FOR THE POOR" - Dr. Richard Cloward of the U. of Chicago.

November 6, Monday 'WORK AS A SOCIAL PROBLEM" Edward E. Schwartz

Both the "New Careers" and "Crisis Strategy" theories were discussed briefly at our June unit meetings. "New Careers" is a comprehensive approach to eliminating poverty by creating vast areas of employment for the previously unemployed by expanding service industries. The plan provides for upward mobility in areas that are now short of manpower and relatively immune to technological advances. "Crisis Strategy" involves the mobilization of the poor in an attempt to drain all welfare resources and create a new system out of the resulting crisis.


"Education Reform 1957-1967: It Didn't Start with Sputnik" by Frank G. Jennings. SATURDAY REFVIEW Sept 16 - 1967.

"The School Crisis: Any Way Out" Newsweek September 25, 1967.

"The Black Mood" Newsweek August 21, 1967.

"Meaningful Jobs for the Jobless" The Reporter September 1967

Carol Greenspan

It is New York's gain but Honolulu's loss. CAROL GREENSPAN will be leaving soon. She has done us a great service in getting the Human Resources Committee under way. EVELYN OISHI, our gal Friday, has worked closely with Carol on this committee. It is a subject dear to Evelyn's heart. Thus we are fortunate that there will be no break in the program because Evelyn has accepted the chairmanship but without a board portfolio for the present time. We are grateful to Evelyn.

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