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President's Page

As you may have read or heard, I have been named by the Judicial Council as one of ten nominees for the State Ethics Commission. Five will be chosen by the Governor in accordance with the ethics bill passed by Hawaii's Fourth Legislature.

When I was asked whether or not I would be available to accept this appointment if offered, my initial reaction (faced with the foot-high pile on my desk after returning from vacation) was "what will I use for time?" Then I reminded myself of old maxim: He who opens big mouth ought to be willing to work when jobs are being passed around. So, whether I end up on the Commission or not, think of the nomination as a tribute to the long hours and hard work members put in on research and study of ethics in government.


When I left Honolulu early in July, I thought I was abandoning the League to a pleasantly restful summer. This turned out to be the underestimation of the year. The finance drive got well under way; the money is coming in nicely (and by the way, have you made a report of your list of contacts to June Eilingsworth?) National Board member Bernice Zurbach visited in August, and met with Honolulu and State Board and with our reorganization committee. The membership and voters service committees have been meeting and are full of exciting plans. Barbara Furniss has the "Perspective on the Ethics Conference" almost through the mill at the printers. Units and program chairmen have the year well planned. Maybe every president should usefully spend a summer away to find out how dispensable she is!


A thought from the lazy summer: Unlikely look-alikes; Patsy T. Mink and Shirley T. Black.

A lot of excitement is cooking for the last week in January, and don't make any dates until the plans are finalized. An all-community effort on exploring the issues of the Con/Con seems to be in the works; of course the League will be a part of it. All of us who are members of the League know how important the Constitutional Convention will be; so many of the issues that will be discussed are ones we have studied. This is an area where Leaguers can really be of service to Our community. Please give it some thought. What issues would you like the League to study and present? Home Rule? Unicameralism? Should we poll candidates for the Con/Con on issues? Should we explore the qualifications for being a delegate to the Con/Con? Be thinking about it.


Carol Greenspan, member of the Honolulu Board and enthusiastic chairman for DHR, is abandoning us for New York. Their gain; our loss. All of us owe our thanks to Carol for her dedicated service -- our warm aloha will accompany her to the Empire State, Watch the Voter -- we'll keep you posted on who will fill this lamentable vacuum.


Did you know that State Pres. Marguerite Simson now sits on two very official committees? I refuse to scoop the State Voter; watch for details.


Some closing miscellany: Will I see you at the "Let's Talk League" meeting on October 19? There are a dozen new members I have talked to on the telephone I'm most eager to meet. And I have just thought of a title for the January explosion mentioned above; the Con/Con/Con.*

(* All right, it's a Conference on the Constitutional Convention.)

Mary George

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