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Balanced Program

Balanced Program

?? Does your League have a chairman and a working committee for every program item; National, State and Local?

?? Have you given each of the program items the careful research and study, and the thoughtful discussion in units that lead to meaningful consensus? Has your consensus been expressed in concerted action, aided by the development of support within the community?

?? Is there s p a c e in your busy calendar for your League to pick up the gauntlet on a lively local issue -- one vital your community-- in which ,your voice could be heard to good effect?

?? Are your officers and Board members free from the obligation to double as observers and committee or special project workers?

?? When you have a special election, or a call to a Constitutional Convention, can your League muster the extra research helpers and committee workers and volunteer registrars your community has learned to expect of the League?

?? Can you conduct your finance drive without tapping the working members of program committees for extra duties?

? ? ?

If you can answer "Yes!" to all these questions, yours is an ideal League --and you're the League we're looking for to support an appeal from the newer, smaller, non-ideal but enthusiastic Leagues who feel that an overabundance of program keeps us busy merely striving for adequacy.

Convention after Convention finds the delegates unable to resist heaping their plates high in selecting from the tempting smorgasbord of program ideas set before them. It's a rare League that hasn't felt the symptoms of indigestion during the ensuing biennium.

Please join Honolulu in supporting a bylaw change that would permit the delegates at Convention to place a limitation on National Program. (Our proposed bylaw-change wouldn't mandate limitation; only make it possible.) Send the following proposal -- or any rewording of it you feel to be better -- to the National office by the November 29 deadline. And ALOHA!


Sec. 3. d. The Convention may, by majority vote, limit the number of Program items to be adopted for the following biennium. If the Convention votes to limit program, it shall be selected in the following way: those items not exceeding the limit which receive the largest plurality shall be adopted, provided that any item proposed by the Board of Directors receive a majority vote, and any item not proposed by the Board receive a three-fifths vote,

Sec. 3. e. If the Convention chooses not to limit the number of Program items, Program shall be adopted the following manner: A majority vote shall be required for the adoption of the Program recommended by the Board of Directors. Any recommendation for the Program submitted to the Board of Directors before the Convention, but not proposed by the Board may be adopted by the Convention provided consideration is ordered by a majority vote and, on a following day, the proposal for adoption receives a three-fifths vote,

P.O. Box 1411, Honolulu, Hawaii 96806

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