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One Hundred Ninety-Six Paid Members
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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
That Xmas Card List (Betty Tobiasson)
Would You Believe - No Income Tax!!! ?? (Lucille Mundy)
Speedy Service - Get Your Prospect on the Roster
Preview of Things to Come - Charter Amendment
Mass Transportation on Oahu
New Members
Balanced Program

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The League has just acquired 6 (one for each Unit) LOCAL LEAGUE HANDBOOKS to be used as loan copies. The plan is to keep these circulating among the members of each unit for the purpose of adding to our knowledge of the "ins and outs" and "finer points" of League organization and objectives. Plan to take a turn with your unit's copy and become better informed the easy way!

Just for a start, turn to page 33 and bone up on the function of the Recorder and the content of her report. Any one of us may have an opportunity to serve the League in this capacity at an early date, so be first in line and sign out the Handbook at the November Discussion Unit Meeting.

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