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Mass Transportation on Oahu

Rather than "cuss" our present situation, let's dis-cuss it. To start you thinking constructively, the following is an excerpt from talks given by Robert Mitchell of the U. of Pennsylvania to the Oahu Development Conference.

Can we agree on what we want to achieve for this island?

Do we want to develop? How? Where? Leeward? Windward?

Much of our present planning seems to hinge on 1985-- What can be done before then?

What systems of mass transportation are best for our situation?

Elevated? Underground? Under water? Buses? Trains? Hydrofoil?

Are we most interested in movement for a specific purpose?

Movement at a specific time?

In distributing people around the central area?

Tourist travel? School children?

Would you five up the freedom of driving your own car wherever and whenever you wish for the advantages of a mass transit system? No traffic jams. No parking fees.

What do you think of Herman Lemke's proposal to tax cars but have free buses?


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