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President's Page

Perhaps some of you will remember the unit meetings in the spring of 1966 when, as your very freshman president, I talked with you about how you wished to be represented, at League Convention in Denver. After listening to Honolulu Leaguers, I went to Convention fired up with enthusiasm to work toward limitation of National Program.

With elephantine memory and bulldog tenacity (an unattractive self-portrait) I've kept plugging away along these lines for the year and a half since the limit-program effort failed at the last National Convention. Through correspondence with other local Leagues across the country, with State Leagues, with the National office and with past National President Mrs. John G. Lee, a proposal has been developed for amendment to League Bylaws which would permit a Convention to limit program. And it rather looks as though the Honolulu League might wind up as the standard-bearer for the crusade.

By action of the Honolulu Board of Directors meeting on October 31, we will send a flyer to all State Leagues, asking them to make distribution to local Leagues within their states. A copy of this national mailing is included with this issue of the Voter.

I will very much appreciate any comments or suggestions you care to make, and my phone number is still 264-496.


We are going to be very well represented indeed in the snowballing citizen's committee on the Constitutional Convention. Jane Hewitt, Fran McLeod, Sue Thorndike, Alice Scott and Barbara Furniss will sit on a divergent lot of committees to represent the variety of League interests, and I have been tapped by Chairman Judge King as the Public Relations type for the effort. This delightful expression of spontaneous community enthusiasm has been, to me, one of the most rewarding League experiences. We are joined, in common cause, with a wonderfully diverse group, representing almost every aspect of our community. All of us will be working members of a group dedicated to the development of an informed environment for the Con/Con; an aware electorate -- and balanced-sources of information on the issues. (If you have been reading about the expensive tragedy of the recently-concluded New York Con/Con, you know what we're working to avoid.)

Expect to be hearing and reading a great deal more about this. And don't be too astounded if you're put to work. This whole area is one where the League can make a real contribution to the community.


Speaking of contributions -- the member-finance drive is on, and next time you balance the checkbook, can you find a bit of slack somewhere to give a little modest support to the League's budget? Our program this year is so ambitious, and our commitment to the community so much larger than we have attempted before, that I do not hesitate to ask members to be generous with either their time or their money. (Or, even both!)


Have you noticed the considerable press coverage being given to the League and its program topics in the past few weeks? The current Time for Action from National -- on Congressional representation for the District of Columbia, was given more than passing mention in both newspapers, and an editorial assist from the Advertiser. Give Chairman Tosh Tasaka a pat on the back when you see her next.


P.S. I left out Peg Rowe on the Con/Con!

Mary George


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President: Mrs. Flave George 264-496

Editor: Mrs. Keith Snyder 362-178

Mailer: Mrs. M.C. Keesling 858-418


November, 1967

Circulation: 6249 Milolii Place Honolulu, Hawaii 96821

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