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From the President - Conference on the Con Con
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Now is the Time to Join the League
December Unit Preview - Charter Amendment / Local Program (Jane Hewitt)
Time for Action (Virginia Bogard)
Attention Discussion Leaders!!!
Rosalind Cole
Conference Committee (Betty Tobiasson)
For Your Information (Tosh Tasaka)
New Career Development
Head Start Health Services
Urban Coalition (Evelyn Oishi)
Thank You - From the Ethics in Government Committee (Barbara Furniss)
Riot in Honolulu!!! Three Dead - Scores Injured (Evelyn Oishi)
Analysis: Constitutional Convention
Constitutional Convention Conference
New Members
Notes from the State Board - Voter Registrars and Non-Partisanship (Marguerite Simson)

Constitutional Convention Conference


CON/CON/CON - an exciting "Showcase of Ideas" to provide an opportunity for citizens to gather information and discuss issues most likely to be presented to the voters by Convention delegates. The League calendar has been altered for January so every member can plan to attend at least some of the conference sessions in lieu of one round of units.

There is an urgent need for more participation in planning on sub-committees such as:

State-County Relationships
Bill of Rights
Election Laws
The Legislature
The Judicial Article
Taxation & Finance

Mary George has been assigned by Chairman Judge Samuel King to do the Public Relations effort to alert citizens to this opportunity and several Voter Service members are working on the Committee on Continuing Informational Effort. Sign up for a committee, or contribute a few hours for secretarial assistance. Call Voter Service Chairman Frances McLeod - 261-6139.

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