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For Your Information

Views of our Congressmen on HJR 396 Constitutional Amendment for Congressional Representation for the District of Columbia.

...Rep. Patsy Mink: "I intend to support this legislation wholeheartedly, just as I did the Home Rule bill in the 89th Congress. It is long since time that the 750,000 residents of the District of Columbia should be allowed to enjoy the Constitutional rights of full citizenship guaranteed to all Americans, among which representation in Congress must be regarded as one of the most important."

...Rep. Spark Matsunaga: "I appreciate knowing of your interest in this proposed legislation, and I shall have your views in mind when this resolution comes before the Rules Committee and to the floor of the House. You are assured of my full and sympathetic consideration of this worthy and long-awaited legislation".

Above are excerpts from replies received to our Time for Action letter. Thank you to Leaguers who took time to write and Mele Kalikimaka to all from the Continuing Responsibilities Committee.

Tosh Tasaka

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