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Annual Head Start Conference at Los Angeles

The annual Head Start Conference was held on Nov 12-17 in L.A. Excerpts from the Conference are as follows:

Head Start is a "launching pad" which will: 1) influence the entire spectrum of the child's development; 20 influence the entire family; 30 influence the school and social environment.

Achieving quality requires, among other things, that program directors, coordinators, supervisors, not sit behind the desk, but seeing firsthand what is going on in the field. If they are to lead, they need to know most.

A program must be subject to review regularly and must be flexible. The teacher is the real model of daily activity. Feedback on program and activities should be secured from side staff and volunteers. Program direction should be determined by the children, parents, and others.

It is the hope that someday the label of "professional" can be based on performance and/or effectiveness in doing the job, and not based purely on courses of study.

The only activity that is important to the children are those developed at the local level.

--Quoted from Hawaii Economic Opportunity Newsletter. Dec. 1967

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